If it's been awhile since you've visited Fair Harbor Radio, you'll probably notice the beautiful new difference. Fair Harbor Radio programming is now even smoother, even more relaxing. We think you'll love the ways we've finessed our playlist to bring you a listening experience like no other. We hope you'll not only make us a regular listening habit, but will tell a few friends about us. We love having you with us.

On November 6th, 2016, we marked our 16th Anniversary! We first went on the Internet "airwaves" in 2000, under the name, BeOSRADIO, as a project to demonstrate the Be Operating System's effectiveness as a platform on which to do radio broadcasting. Not only did our test prove successful, but it resulted in the creation of TuneTracker, a radio automation system which has since been adopted by hundreds of radio stations all around the world.

On May 1st, 2013, we also celebrated the move to a new version of TuneTracker called "System 5." System 5 uses the amazing new open source replacement for BeOS, called Haiku.

To mark our 10th Anniversary that year, we gave BeOSRADIO the new name "Fair Harbor Radio," which better describes the nature of our radio service and the music we provide.

Fair Harbor Radio is for people with diverse musical tastes; people who actually like the idea of being surprised by what is coming next on their radio station.

We combine choice Jazz, Ambient, Classical, Acoustic and Ethnic music into a mix that is surprisingly refreshing...without ever being jarring or distracting. Our musicians are all carefully selected for their excellent performances of unique and compelling music.

All our music is original to the artists or is in the public domain, and is played with the permission of the artists.

Christmas radio station easy listening Christmas music

Every Sunday morning, we're pleased to feature "Faith Online" with Dr. David Selness. Dave's disarming good humor and down-to-earth messages talk about how a life of faith can be a wonderful journey. We play his weekly message repeatedly on Sunday morning so you can catch it when you're able. Hear him at 7:05, 8:05, 9:05, 10:05, and 11:05 AM, Central Time, U.S.

Christmas radio station easy listening Christmas music

A famous 1993 study linking music listening to better intellectual performance prompted creation of a brand new term: the Mozart effect. The study concluded that listening to Mozart music caused an increase in test scores. In the years since, the study's results have come under scrutiny, however study after study has confirmed that listening to stimulating, creative music helps the brain function more productively, clearly and creatively.

The good news is that classical music is only one of a variety of musical styles that can stimulate brain activity. But can you really mix jazz, ethnic, classical, acoustic, ambient, spiritual, and other genres of music and produce something pleasingly listenable? Absolutely. The result? It's like taking the world's most delicious multi-vitamin!

When you tune into Fair Harbor Radio's "Extreme Variety" mix, you'll experience music that not only entertains, but can literally make you more productive and creative. What's music on Fair Harbor Radio like? Our music mix is at-once unobtrusive and unpredictable. It's creative, wonderful music from independent artists all around the world.

There are enough influences out there trying to turn your brain into mush. Isn't it nice to know there's a place you can tune where you can enjoy programming that actually stimulates those synoptic connections rather than shutting them down?

That's the Fair Harbor Radio difference!

Christmas radio station easy listening Christmas music