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Even the sturdiest ships need to get off the big water and into a protected harbor from time to time. The same holds true with busy people. Occasionally they need to find refuge from the tossing sea, to rest, restore, and refresh. That's the whole idea behind Fair Harbor Radio.

Whether you need to steady the ship while you're at work, or to kick back and totally relax when you get home, we invite you into the harbor for our extreme variety mix of "Stimulating Easy Listening Music." A great listen on land, or sea!

Our "No Fee, Always Free" policy means listeners can enjoy Fair Harbor Radio 24/7 free of charge, with never a commercial. We need and appreciate your donations, however, so if you enjoy our programming, please send us a few dollars using the Donate button.

Thanks Benton REA!

We're extremely grateful to our friends at Benton REA for providing our web space. If you need hosting for your web site, contact them! These guys are real pros.

Thanks also to Internet Radio for listing us on their site.

Smooth sailing with "System 5"

The silky, smooth experience of Fair Harbor Radio is due in part to TuneTracker System, the radio automation software we use. We have just moved to TuneTracker System 5, the best yet, which now runs under the Haiku operating system.

Our 16th Year!

November 6, 2016 marks the start of our 16th year of broadcasting to Internet listeners around the world. We reached the landmark November 6th. Learn more about the history of Fair Harbor Radio, formerly known as "BeOSRADIO."

If you like Fair Harbor Radio, help us spread the word about it! E-mail your friends and send them a link to our web site.

Thanks for your help...and thanks for listening!
Christmas radio station easy listening Christmas music

Christmas radio station easy listening Christmas music